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Career and Life Coaching

“Run to the fire, don’t hide from it.”

-Meg Whitman

What Career and Life Coaching can do for you

Gain clarity with Stacey Inal


Clarity helps us to focus, take inspired action and feel empowered about our life! The lack of clarity sends us spiraling down the never ending rabbit hole of self-sabotage. Let Career and Life Coaching guide you to a better feeling thought.


Confidence is an inner game that is achieved when you trust in your instincts and believe you can attain what you set out to do. Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Career Coaching helps that to unfold with ease and grace.

Commitment to your dream is easy with Stacey Inal Career Coaching


Commitment places on the focus on intention or a statement of purpose. A way of being that you are ready to step into. Commitment means you are ready and willing to develop the plan with action steps that guide you. Life Coaching is the path.

Investing in yourself is the best way to bring your dreams to life

"Stacey is empathetic, patient and challenged me to think outside the box, which has helped me with my personal and work relationships. Stacey is culturally sensitive and that alone speaks volumes in this day and age. "

~Dr. Tselane Gardener

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"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

~E. E. Cummings

Don't listen to me, hear what my clients have to say!

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The best part in working with Stacey was that I cut out all the things in my life that were bringing me down. From toxic relationships to bad habits, I got to snip each and every one of them out.

— Cheryl R

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Stacey is very professional and empathetic. She is also culturally competent, and open to other cultures which is very important to me. I have become more confident and problem solve effectively.

— Ani D

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I was going through a career change. Stacey's support and tools such as the DISC assessment really helped me zone in what I wanted. My relationships improved because I felt happier. Thanks to Stacey I feel more confident and have clear defined goals that don't overwhelm me like before.

— Bonnie Y

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