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Package 1 - Comprehensive Coaching Session

This session is designed for wonderful women like you seeking positive support and care on your journey! If you have one clear goal and desire targeted guidance and nurturing support to reach it, then this package is tailor-made just for you. It's more than coaching; it's a warm embrace of support on a strategic and efficient path towards your goal, complete with personalized guidance and immediate actionable steps. Get ready to unlock your full potential and embark on a fulfilling career journey with clarity, purpose, and resilience. And hey, why not add a DISC* assessment to the mix? It's a fantastic tool to help you better understand how to reach your goal while adding an extra layer of positive insight into your empowering journey.

Package 2 - Transformational Coaching Program

The Transformational Coaching Program is a transformative journey designed exclusively for you! Picture this: Over the next three months, we'll embark on six one-on-one sessions filled with growth and learning, all thanks to the cognitive-behavioral approach. With two live, super-charged 40-minute sessions per month, we'll strike the perfect balance between unleashing your inner goddess while working around your busy schedule. Get ready for customized worksheets, goal-focused steps, and coaching plans that adapt to your unique fabulousness. Begin a journey that's as extraordinary and fabulous as you are! Get ready to laugh, learn, and level up, because who said personal growth can't be self-care and self-love?

Package 3 - Motivational Coaching Journey

The 6-month Motivational Coaching Package is crafted to empower you as you pursue your professional and personal goals through 6 months and 12 inspiring coaching sessions filled with personalized guidance and unwavering support. Along with the valuable DISC assessment valued at $500, you'll also benefit from tailored worksheets, direct texting support, and uplifting email reminders, making each step of your journey lighter and more enjoyable. Regular progress assessments and flexible plan adjustments ensure you stay focused and achieve tangible results. This package is uniquely designed for women seeking upliftment, empowerment, and inspiration on their path to a fulfilling and joyful life.

Package 4 - Elite Coaching Exclusive Package

As you step into the Elite Coaching Package, get ready for a personal revolution. You're taking charge—prioritizing your goals, untangling cognitive-behavioral patterns, and diving deep into a transformative experience over 12 months. Armed with personalized tools, direct texting support, and immersive workshops, it's time to confront and conquer negative behaviors and self-sabotage head-on.

Picture this after our work together: Emerging as a powerhouse, prioritizing yourself, smashing goals, and fearlessly navigating challenges. This isn't just a program—it's your catalyst for unstoppable personal and professional growth. Ready to make every moment count?

Career & Life Assessment

For women seeking a more fulfilling career and personal life, the DISC assessment is a game-changer. It's like having a personalized roadmap to unlock your true potential and enhance every aspect of your life. By identifying your unique personality traits, strengths, and communication styles, the DISC assessment empowers you to navigate professional challenges with confidence and grace. It's a tool that not only fosters self-awareness but also guides you in building stronger relationships, both personally and in the workplace. The DISC assessment helps you just define goals – you're sculpting a path to success that aligns with your authentic self. It's about turning self-discovery into a catalyst for a more fulfilling, vibrant, and harmonious life, both personally and professionally.

Career & Life Add-on Assessment

The DISC Assessment add-on provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of your behavioral preferences, contributing to a more tailored and effective coaching experience.

This personalized to you comprehensive 26 page findings report will encourage you to make life and career decisions based on your deepest core values. That's a game-changer. Looking at your core values adds a layer of confidence and commitment to your stated goals. Your personal and professional lives get supercharged by your passion and commitment.

By adding the DISC assessment to your selected coaching program you are super-charging your outcome and gain a deeper understanding of how to move through obstacles.

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