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Mid-Career Coaching Services

Ready for a change? Learn the skills to navigate your professional role. Discover how to feel truly fulfilled and happy with your career.

Open yourself up to new timelines of possiblity

Career Change

Our careers are a big component of how we identify ourselves and relate with others. When you are not in sync with your profession, you may find yourself feeling lost and unfulfilled in both your career and personal life. Career Coaching will help to identify the roadblocks and design your next right move.


Midlife is full of transitions: career, becoming an empty-nester, health concerns, finances, and the list goes on. It is important to uncover the deep-set unresolved issues to release them and move on. If you want to grow self-confidence, quit apologizing, and go after what you truly want, I'm going to support you 100%.


Understanding your personal values will guide you to stay on the path that most speaks to you. When we sabotage our values for others we lose sight of our dreams. It may seem overwhelming to envision a life you will love to lead. Together we will break down the steps to get you on a passion filled path.

Who I work with

I work with women who are feeling stuck, too often are people-pleasers, sometimes have low boundaries, and may need a boost in confidence. You might be contemplating if you truly need assistance or if you can go it alone. Maybe someone close to you has suggested you seek support. No matter how you arrived here, I'm happy you are looking to give yourself support. I'm not your typical coach. My background includes an MBA and a master's degree in Psychology. I bring over three decades of experience into our work together. I will help you unlock why you are stuck and together we will create a plan of action for you.

My Approach

I provide a supportive, understanding, and non-judgmental environment. My comprehensive method combines cognitive-behavioral techniques, proven strategies, and practical interventions for overall well-being. You will leave our sessions feeling empowered and have more self-confidence. You will have a plan of action to help you figure out what you truly want and steps on how to get it. As I always tell my clients, you are the expert in your life. My role is simply to be your co-pilot and help you with navigation directions.

Clients frequently express their delight in working with me, valuing the personalized approach I provide. You can be candid with me in a non-judgmental space. I mean it! I've heard a lot through the years and trust me in that very little surpirse me anymore.


Your sessions will be tailored to your needs with tried-and-true methods. If you stumble, I will be there. I will help wipe up the tears and at other times we shall giggle our way through this adventure. My sincere purpose is to empower extraordinary women like you, helping you create meaningful, delightful, & enriching moments.

Discover a delicious connection to yourself

It's time to put yourself first!

Book a Discovery Call

If you are looking for more personalized 1-1 support, contact me and we can set up a time to speak directly about your needs.

Ready to jump in!

Fabulous!! You have made the decision to put yourself first. We have membership programs based on your needs. From workbooks, workshops, and individual coaching, we have everything you need to make you excited about your life and new direction.

Little Did You Know....

I've Been There

Trust me in that I know first-hand what you are going through. Many years ago, I went through career burnout with a demanding home life and stressful job. It was a very painful time for me. This period forced me to grow.

You Deserve More

As women, we face different struggles than men do, and that’s where my program comes in. Maybe you’re feeling like an imposter in your workplace, thinking, “Am I good enough or do I deserve this?"

It's All Available To You

I will help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals, whether it’s getting that promotion you’ve been eyeing, starting your own business, quitting your job, or simply finding more balance and happiness in your life. 

An Exciting New Life Awaits

"No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice."

~Ron Liano